iTunes Album Artwork Finder – Restore Your Cover Flow With an Album Art Finder

Your iTunes will never be complete without any songs in it. Your songs may be downloaded from an online music store or ripped from CD’s. You may notice that the songs you download from online music stores usually come with the cover art for the album of that song. So, what do you do about the other songs that come with an ugly gray music note? One solution to this problem is using an iTunes album artwork finder. An iTunes album art finder can easily locate the unique album art for every song in your iTunes library.However, you may bear in mind that there is a built-in iTunes album artwork finder already on iTunes. You can use this tool by opening the album art viewer. This can be done by clicking the “Show Artwork” button found at the bottom-left corner of the window. With this kind of view, it is easy to determine which songs have no cover artwork yet. Once you play a song, the cover art should be displayed.Then to get the artwork for the songs that do not have their respective covers for, this can easily be done by going to the “Advanced” menu, and then simply selecting “Get Album Artwork”. While the download is in progress, you cannot play music in your iTunes or anything else simultaneously.The status of the download should be displayed at the top part of the screen. The iTunes library is then scanned to determine which songs still need the correct album art. You will be notified when the download is done.By playing your songs on iTunes you can see if the new cover flow art are shown. If the download has been successful retrieving the necessary covers for the songs that have no album artworks, now the new covers should appear.However, it is likely that there will be a few songs that still have missing album artwork. There are various problems that may have caused this. For one, the album details of a song may not have the correct spelling. If this is the case, you need to look into your playlist once more, but this time you should check the spelling of the album’s artist, the song’s artist, the album title, the song title, or other details from the song that may have been misspelled.This goes to show that there are still loopholes on the built-in iTunes album artwork finder. It may sound inconvenient having to locate the album covers for all of your songs, but you will only end up doing one thing after another just so that you can fill the gaps on your iTunes.It is best to go for a simple album art finder in order for you to be free of any hassle that may be brought about by the built-in album artwork finder of iTunes. TuneUp is the digital music management and music discovery tool for iTunes that can really help you fix this problem.

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